Thursday, 11 December 2014

Manufacturer and Supplier of Premium Passive Fiber Optic

Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd Fiber Optics is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of premium passive fiber optic components and specializes in fully tested integrated fiber optic solutions & services. Our components can be found on the ocean floor, in space, and around the house. Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd's fiber optic components make your application more reliable because of their excellent performance in all kinds of conditions. Anderson Corporation Pty Ltd has grown to be a global leader in the industry and is responsible for pioneering new fiber optic products and manufacturing methods. Anderson Cororation Fiber Optics has been awarded many patents on design, build and packaging various optical fibers and integrated optics based components with high optical specifications and harsh environmental operating conditions.

On Oct the Seventeenth 1988, Managing Director Philip Anderson started out the gates for business not understanding that 25 years later his company would be one of the management in the Australia Fiber Optic market. Anderson has expanded as one of the market management in the market by continually providing top quality products at reasonable costs as well as providing silver category services and lead times to every client that purchases through Anderson Organization.

Anderson Cororation wide range of standard products is a highly customized and efficient service. The Flexion team values customers greatly and continually seek to enhance customer relationships. This is done through thorough research into customer needs, and more specifically, through the understanding and knowledge of our highly dedicated sales team. In-house manufacturing facilities give us great flexibility to meet each customer’s specific individual requirements. We have been putting a lot of investments to keep pace with industry standards. With high quality raw materials, advanced manufacturing equipment adopted and our highly skilled workers, we ensure every piece of our products is with excellent quality and looking, and we ensure the fastest delivery. We fully understand our success is dependent on our customer’s satisfaction; we are always ready to do the best to maintain the customer’s loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence. 

Anderson Cororation has available with a variety of connector types, such as Anderson E-Series Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Optic Distribution Cable,  Anderson L-Series Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable,  Auto-Sensing 10/100/1000 TX to 100/1000 base FX, Auto-Sensing 10/100/1000 TX to 100/1000 base FX Card module for Chassis, CCTV,  Chassis & Accessories, Connector Products, CWDM SFPs,    Enclosures, Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX, Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX WDM Single Fiber,    Fast Ethernet Fibre Switches, Fast Ethernet Multimode to Single Mode, Fibre Optic Cable, Fibre Optic Connectors, Fibre Optic Microscopes, Fibre Optic Products, Fibre Optic Splice Closures, Fibre Optic Splice Closures (FOSCs)Fibre Optic Tools, Accessories & Consumables, Fixed Attenuators, FTTH Products,    Fully Loaded Enclosures, Fusion Splicer Products, GBICs, Gigabit 1000Base-T to 1000Base FX, Gigabit Ethernet Multimode to Single Mode, Lapping Film, Light Sources, Media Converters, MPO Cassettes & Enclosures,  Multimode Adaptors, Networking Products, OM1 Multimode, OM1 Multimode RapidConnects,    OM3 Multimode RapidConnects,  Optical Line Terminal (OLT) Products. For more information visit the site .

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